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"Long road back from Bataan" - Mail Tribune April 9, 2012


Craig Faulkner's book unveils many levels of challenges and insights regarding the human predicament called "War." He grew up with a father who survived the Bataan March and was a prisoner of war during WWII. For me, a Hiroshima survivor, his work is a precious gift and an eye opener, letting me see the agony of the tortured on the other side and understand the multigenerational pain of war. His father's path to self-knowledge and ability to find common ground leading to reconciliation truly resonates with that of my own.

-- Hideko Tamura Snider, LCSW,
survivor of 1945 Hiroshima bombing

I thoroughly enjoyed Guts & Grace, but it is a tough journey in reading. We get real glimpses into war and the lives of prisoners, many of whom didn't survive. This is the story of one who did survive, though barely, and tells of extraordinary experiences, some to near the point of death. This is a book for those with guts enough to know and dwell on the truth of what happened, down on the human level, and the inhumanity borne by so many. It tells their story for anyone willing to hear it. Once you start in on it, it's hard to put down.

-- Meade J. RobertsĀ